A downloadable asset pack

More than 100 characters for RPG Maker Mv.

You can use them in any RPG Maker MV project, commercial and non-commercial.
You can or can not give me credit for this but it is something that is always appreciated.

The characters have face, walk, damage and battler sprites.
The download is free but if you wish you can make a donation to support me to continue sharing more characters.


Más de 100 characters para RPG Maker Mv.

Puedes usarlos en cualquier proyecto de RPG Maker MV, comercial y no-comercial. 

Puedes o no darme crédito por esto pero es algo que siempre se agradece.

Los characters tienen face, walk, damage and battler sprites.

La descarga es gratuita pero si lo deseas puedes hacer una donación para apoyarme a seguir compartiendo más characters.

Install instructions

Just unzip it, move to characters folders and enjoy it!


Characters MV.zip 17 MB


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Hello Lanto, I feel I need to mention that these are based off pixel art from Game maker are not yours and can't be used out of game maker itself in commercial capacity, since the copyright is Enterbrains. They do not allow this to be used beyond game maker MV so your reply below to Vic is wrong.

Just trying not to get sued on my next project.

Increíble amigo!! En cuanto pueda, te donaré, y claro, serás de los primeros en tener acceso a mi juego de manera totalmente gratuita ;) mi proyecto aún está verde, así que tardará un poco, pero me has dado casi todo el material que necesito. Una vez más, GRACIAS!

Hola! Me alegra que todo esto te sea de utilidad y ¡claro! Me gustaría jugar lo que estés creando.

Me basta conque compartas estos y mis demás charas con tus amigos. 


Hi, I've seen some of your work with RPG maker MV and ace characters and I was wondering if you do commissions? I'm working on a project of my own and I need some characters for the MV. I would be more than happy to discuss a price for your work. If you work with commissions please let me know!

Sorry for the late reply.
It is completely impossible for me to do commission work since my current "real job" consumes most of my time. It is even very difficult for me to update the comments, pages and assets. Sorry again for the late reply.

How do you get such dark skin tones like the blonde Sprite? I am making a game myself but I can't get good settings for skin tone

Can I use this for Unity games instead of RPG Maker?

Yes. You can. 👍

Thank you! 

Increible! No prometo nada pero cuando pueda me gustaria hacer una donnacion. 


El que te sean de utilidad y tú comentario es suficiente. Gracias! :)